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Download Powervu Software for All Qsat Decoder Empty Download Powervu Software for All Qsat Decoder

Post by Jerome on Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:51 am

Just when critics (I mean dst*) thought they have completely overwhelmed qsat, qsat bounces back with a bang and it is currently opening some of the most important dst* channels with great stability on even the most important ones. Let me put this straight, 90% of all the dst* channels currently opening on qsat avatarcam code and spycam codes are very stable. The remaining 5% are manageable. However, the most important channels are very very stable. All these can be enjoyed by any qsat user with a valid spycam or avatarcam code.

nilesat 68e powervu package

Spycam also continues its run of opening canalplus 22w (10986 v 30000) channels with relative stability. Let us play that all of this last longer than usual. Now to the business of the day.


Qsat extended powervu software support to four other models. we niw have 4 qsat decoders that can install their official powervu software. the models are q23g, speed hd s1, q26g and q28g, q1g and q13g.

I was told the software is auto roll. meaning it should open basic powervu channels automatically (at least for sometime until the powervu channels owners upgrade their system). Although no testimony as to whether it is opening it or not. You can help us test it with mtn worldwide or sony package.While we ll know this might not be among the A list powervu decoders, it is worth the try as loading the software with not adversely affect the performance of your avatarcam or spycam code.

However when i loaded the software on my q11g, i saw a non-editable powervu menu under xcam setup>>patch>>scroll right or left to get
powervu; as shown below:

Download and install this software. If they work great for you, congratulations, if they do not work perfectly for you, please do not feel bad, remember qsat opens dst* and canalplus currently which are preferable to powervu channels for the majority of Africans.


If you are still running an avatarcam code that is yet to expire, please do not upgrade with this software otherwise, you will forfeit your valid avatarcam code(until at least you are abke to downgrade to an avartarcam software) This software removes your avartacam menu and replace it with a spycam menu. If your own qsat decoder has expired however, you have no choice than to load this software.


File 5: Q13G

Download Link: 7v84tr

File 6: Q11GDownload Link: g45jrz
File 1: Q26G
Download Link: ljc3mn

File 2: Q28G

Download Link: 0kjioo


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