Download Alpha Box X4 Software to Restore a dead Alpha Box

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Download Alpha Box X4 Software to Restore a dead Alpha Box Empty Download Alpha Box X4 Software to Restore a dead Alpha Box

Post by Jerome on Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:01 am

In terms, of efficient performance, Alpha box x4 is second only to gsky receivers.
Alpha box also claims to open champion tv channels(I MEAN 3 CHANNELS OUT OF 4 WITH THE EXCEPTION of Redlight tv) Champion tv channels viewing on alpha box is a serious pain in the as for viewers because it works only with internet roll and champion tv changes keys very frequently. This means, if you buy alpha box majorly because of its champion tv channels, you will be sorely frustrated and disappointed. Apart from this, champion tv is unpopular for the following two reasons: Nobody cares about champion tv cos of two reason
1. massive instability of champion tv channels due to frequent change of their biss keys and , 2. acute unreliability of champion tv channels(In case you do not know, champion tv has only one sport channel and they only show the match that they like and sometime they only join matches halfway and most times they will not show the star match of the day) What i have been trying to say is that, people go for alpha box not because of its availability to open champion tv, but because of its powervu function. It is second best powervu decoder performance wise and it is second only to gsky decoders.

alpha box x4 decoder

Where To download Alpha Box X4 Software

I have uploaded the latest availabel usb upgrade software for alpha box x4 to this server so if you are searching for it, you can download it below: Alphabox_X4_Africa_Championtv_Powervu_Autoroll_151223.rar As you already know, whenever you see a file in .zip or .rar format, you will need to first extract it using winrar before you can use it. Use the same method used in upgrading qsat software to perform the upgrade on alpha.


If you are careless with your upgrade, you may end up frying your decoder. please avoid frying your decoder by all means. one way is to use only stable source of electricity to install a software on any decoder. But if you eventually run into software problems with your alpha box, please copy the software above into an empty flashdrive and power off your decoder>>connect the usb to your decoder >>then power on your decoder while your usb is still attached to your decoder>>the decoder will start the restire process automatically and once it completes, it will reboot back to life.

However, if you have a harware problem with your alphabox, you will need to take it to a hardware engineer for troubleshooting.


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