PowerVu – Latest technology to watch encrypted channels on large antenna with STRONG decoder.

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PowerVu – Latest technology to watch encrypted channels on large antenna with STRONG decoder. Empty PowerVu – Latest technology to watch encrypted channels on large antenna with STRONG decoder.

Post by Jerome on Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:42 am

I think any fan of satellite TV that does not have a big antenna (antenna that is at least 3 meters 10 ”) loses a lot of opportunity. So many good channels are received by the large antenna users makes me green with envy. Because, for lack of space, I can not install a large antenna in my current place of residence. For many beginners, when I talk about large antenna, I’m not talking antenna that are less than 1 meter 80. In this particular article, I speak not any antenna of 2.40 ” for those who are at sities North and 3 meters higher for those in the south and east of neighboring West African countries.

WHAT PowerVu?
PowerVu is a conditional access system (CAS as Irdeto, Viaccess, Conax) for digital television developed by Scientific Atlanta of CISCO company. It is used for professional broadcasting, including Retevision, Bloomberg Television, Discovery Channel, AFRTS ABS-CBN GMA Network and American Forces Network.
Encryption PowerVu used to be only on commercial receivers. Unless you are a cable company with thousands of users, and willing to pay for thousands of subscriptions you can not subscribe to a formal PowerVu system. In addition, there is no central clearing house – you deal directly with the uplinker (owner of copyright)
<. div> The only PowerVu station that is technically non-commercial AFN (Armed Forces Network) If you’re in the military, you can have a receiver that decodes (D9234 is the latest model) and take out through the military. An example of a decoder that decodes only chains in PowerVu is: CISCO D9865 (This is their official decoder)

However, as in the case of Biss keys, strings encrypted PowerVu can now be opened and that is what I will teach you here today.
Or you decrypt using a dedicated receiver (which I will detail later) or through a patch of software loaded on some decoders strong.
You can get different types of channels in PowerVu such as sports, music, entertainment and movies and so on.

As you can see from the pictures above the first image is an EPL match Live HD decoder Strong 4922a using PowerVu without internet connection. The second photo is 4.0 degree West is another set of chains in PowerVu.
What are the benefits of Major Free To PowerVu

No freezing or break unless maybe the code is changed or blocked. It has a perfect encryption.
No need for internet connection.
It is not expensive to use for those who already have the decoder and antenna supports.
I think that we will get many years before it is blocked.
You are not required to purchase an additional account as dqcam, cccam account or as long as gshare you are happy with the channels you get and if you have the keys
What are the disadvantages?

PowerVu Channels Bonus that are available for Africa are not much because of the remote satellite signal
Only those who have a large antenna benefit Africa
The keys can be easily modified or changed by the operator (this happens often and just search the new one), the channels can be changed, the keys can be changed, the keys may be blocked (this does not happen often but PowerVu you often expect everything)
What are the requirements PowerVu?

You need a big antenna: No small antennas channel / dstv normal but not less than 2.40 “in the north or 3.10” in the south. Other countries in Africa and Asia should contact their local satellite installer to the size of the dish required.
You need a decoder that supports PowerVu as: CISCO D9865, STRONG 4920, 4922, 4922a (or decoder that has the strong PowerVu downloadable software patch site for strong) and finally a Unofficial PowerVu decoder as GSKY.
You need to get the keys to PowerVu for channels you are able to capture online.

How to install and scan chains PowerVu decoder on strong?

I take SRT 4922A as an example because it’s the only j ‘have the software for the time (4920.4922 and 4922A have the same software) Visit “ www.crosat.us ” to see whether you will be able to get software that has the option for your Strong PowerVu decoder. Download and install the software on your Strong.
Download software here and PowerVu key with the satellite list here
Ensure that you have a LNB C BAND: because all the channels in PowerVu are BAND C .


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