Latest Powervu Software For Strong 4920_4922_4922A

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Latest Powervu Software For Strong 4920_4922_4922A Empty Latest Powervu Software For Strong 4920_4922_4922A

Post by Jerome on Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:06 am

I am sorry that this is coming a little bit later. There is a powervu software fro strong SRT4920_4922_4922A_decoders..Code named 190p.stb. This software will eneable you input a valid powervu key into your strong(with the above model) decoders.

If your strong 4922 with a valid powervu key is not opening the desired powervu channels then you need to install this software and re-enter your powervu keys.


An original strong 4920, 4922 or 4922A decoder
A usb flash drive
Download the software here: SRT4920_4922_4922A_190p_151209.stb‏
Install the software into your origial strong decoder if you do not know how to intsall a software into strong decoder via a usb, please read this:
You need a working powervu keys to be entered manually. those who uses strong to watch powervu channels know how to get this keys. If you do not know how to get the keys, then please buy a decoder with auto roll function instead.

The software provided above is strictly for the strong decoder intended for. That is 4920,4922 or 4922a. attempt to load it on any other strong decoder at your own risk
This patch software must not be loaded on a fake strong decoder, if you load it on a strong decoder, there is 99% chance of you killing your decoder with just 5% of reviving it.
Avoid electricity interruption when you are upgrading the decoder so that you wont end up frying your decoder.
Share this with your friends an families in need of it. You may be helping someone by so doing


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